Hi! My name is Dani- welcome to my business, Foxy Lady Beautique (est 2008.) We are located right here in Inglewood, Taranaki. We are more than beauty therapists- our awesome team has extra qualifications in specialised Nimue Skincare, nail enhancements, brow design & cosmetic tattoo, makeup, lash extensions, Plasma skin tightening plus so much more- and that's just a small part of us.  We are super passionate about all things beauty and we are here to make you feel relaxed and amazing, because you deserve it.

 YOUTUBE: Check out my channel for makeup tutorials, beauty related tips, music videos. You can find my channel by clicking on the Youtube Icon located at the bottom of the page. Don't forget to subscribe!

TRAINING: ​I trained in Beauty Therapy at the Wellington School of Beauty Therapy in 2003. Over the years, I have upskilled, trained and expanded my services to include the latest in beauty trends that I am passionate about. I now have a small but amazing team of women working with me, so we can be even more extensive and available for treatments!


Stands for the proud, confident woman, who stands tall with her moustache and excessive unwanted feral hair, fat rolls, bones, wrinkles and sags- YOU, my lady, are a FOX!! Because we ALL have them. We ALL have those things. Those things that make us normal. And unique. And DIFFERENT to EVERYONE else out there. We need to learn to embrace ourselves the way we were made and be proud of all we are doing in the things that REALLY matter. And for all of those other things I mentioned before, we can remove them, cover them up, dye them... whatever makes you happy! We are here to help with those things professionally. But lets not forget to enjoy life, and not take it all too seriously! Sure, these treatments will make you feel good temporarily and in having them, you're supporting not just my business, but also my family which I hugely appreciate. But true contentment comes from the inside. That is where a Foxy Lady is born.

​We pride ourselves on providing excellent work, we want you to have the best time with us! We talk about your needs and expectations, regardless of the treatment- We want you to go away absolutely stoked and already looking forward to your next visit here! If you're not happy with something, please let us know so we can remedy it. 


Through my business, with the ongoing support from my wonderful customers, we are able to help others in need- Foxy Lady has got her first sponsored child Hilda (10 years old) in Uganda, through a NZ company called ORA INTERNATIONAL. This costs $48 per month. ORA is run solely by volunteers here in NZ and on the ground in Uganda and now further abroad as they gain more sponsorship and volunteers. All of the money that we give as sponsors goes to helping the child, so this is a very worthwhile cause to be giving to. I'd like to think, that with more financial success in my business, the more children's lives we can make an impact on. This is just one of the ways that I can give back with everything I have been so fortunate to receive. You can see Hilda's photo proudly on display in the salon and view any correspondence that we a lucky to receive from her (through ORA).


Feel free to book online, and make sure you are aware of our cancellation policies. (See Terms and Conditions). Otherwise you can phone us and leave the appropriate details for us to get back to you when we can. We aim to to this by the end of each working day if not the following morning. Please bear with us if you need to chat in person, we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible!