Brows And Lashes

Brow Shape 
If it is your first time with us, select the Brow shape option. For regular monthly visits, choose the maintenance (monthly) option.
Maintenance (monthly) $25
1st Time Or Over 4 Weeks $30

Brow Tint
Please select the right option for you to ensure we allow the right amount of time to complete your treatment. If you select the MONTHLY option but it has been longer than a month or you do not visit us regularly, we will change your service to the Brow Tint & Shape Combo option.

Brow Tint (no shape) $25 
Brow Tint & Shape - MONTHLY $45
Brow Tint & Shape Combo $50

Brow Henna
Henna penetrates to the core of the hair giving a long lasting colour. It can also stain the skin more effectively if that's what you are wanting, however that is not guaranteed to be more effective than our traditional tints. Skin stain can last from days to a couple of weeks, as can tints, but results vary greatly between individuals. We will advise you how best to take care of your brows afterwards.

It is recommended to have a skin sensitivity test before having any Henna or Tint treatment. This is not compulsory, however we will not be responsible for any allergic reaction or side effects should you choose to not have the sensitivity test. To have this test, just ask while in store or book in a "quick consult" under the Brows and Lashes services tab- our receptionist can perform it at a time that suits you during our opening hours.

Brow Henna (no shape) $45
Please note, this service only includes the Henna treatment, not the brow shape aswell. Please choose the Brow Henna and Shape Combo option for both. 

Brow Henna & Shape Combo (monthly) $60
Brow Henna & Shape Combo (non-regular) $65 

Lash Tint
Stand Alone $30
Lash & Brow Tint Combo $50
Lash Tint + Brow Shape Combo $55
Lash & Brow Tint + Shape Trio $65 
Lash Tint + Brow Henna $65
Lash Tint + Brow Henna + Shape $80

Lash Lift  $109
Our lash lifts include a keratin treatment. The treatment includes a complimentary lash tint, so please say if you don't wish to have the tint included. 

Brow Lamination $99
Help your brows to sit smoother and appear fuller! Making them easier to groom, results last 6 weeks +. Includes a complementary tint if necessary. Unfortunately this treatment is not suitable for pregnant women.

Brow Lamination + Lash Lift $159
Save money by having these two treatments together. Brow lamination includes a tint if necessary, results last 6+ weeks. Unfortunately this suitable is not suitable for pregnant women.

A great, natural looking enhancement. Individual lashes are adhered to your natural lashes, giving added volume and length. Perfect for low maintenance (no need to wear mascara with these on), going on holiday or even special occasions such as Brides getting married. 2-3 weekly maintenance is required to keep them looking full.

Want to help your natural lashes? We suggest using Revitalash Lash growth serum, to condition natural lashes and keep them growing long and strong. Great on it's own or in addition to any lash extension or lash lift treatment. Ask any of our staff for more information.

PLEASE NOTE, please come with no mascara to get the most out of your lash time

Volume Lashes (New Set) $149.99

Volume Lash Infill - Starts from $80 to $110 

Natural Volume Lashes (In place of Classic & Hybrid lashes)

New Set $129.99
Hybrid Lashes Infill - Starts from $70 to $100 

Lash extension removal 
Removal + Keratin Treatment $30
Removal + Keratin Treatment & Lash Tint $45


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