Cancellation Policy

We have updated our policy to include booking fee requirements for specific appointments. Upon booking these rules will apply:

*Late night clients will require a 50% deposit to book their appointment. (This is for appointments that fall on or travel past 5pm)

*Weekend appointments will require a 50% deposit to book their appointment.

You can pay a couple of different ways:
-Pay via online banking
-Come in to the salon and pay in person 

-We are currently working on making this payment option available when booking online with credit card

We require 2 x business days (meaning we can’t include weekends as business days as we aren’t available to try and fill the appointment) for cancellations, if you need to cancel or reschedule within this time period your deposit will be non-refundable.
Cancelling on the day or simply not showing up to your appointment will result in 100% of the treatment being charged, and an invoice for the remaining service cost will be emailed to you. This fee will need to be paid before your next appointment is booked.

When you reschedule within 48 hours, the appointment has to be cancelled and a new appointment is booked. Late rescheduling does not negate the late cancellation policy.

We hope you will all understand why we need to implement these rules, as a business it is crippling when appointment times are not respected. It is so hard to fill spaces even with 48 hours notice.