Cosmetic Tattoo

Important Information

The Process:

1/ Make sure you like our work!
We have lots of pictures available online- just note with them, that everyones faces and skin types are different. Ultimately, the goal is to provide our clients with a service that helps them to achieve their goal.
If you are wanting to:
-Have a better brow shape, fill in gaps from lost hairs or over plucking / ageing and hormonal changes
-gain more definition to your brows
-frame your face in a flattering way, draw attention to your eyes
-help correct any asymmetry issues 
-give yourself abit of a "stencil" so you can know where to pluck or groom your own hairs, and know where to apply your brow makeup for when you want a more glam / made up look
-gain a more flattering shape / arch to help give you a lift / look younger
-simply just add a little bit more colour and depth without having to apply makeup everyday
Then our Brow cosmetic tattoo is a great option for you! 
If you want to:
-Make your lashes appear darker and thicker
-Give abit more depth to your lash line 
-Enjoy a natural looking eyeliner look (that doesn't look like eyeliner) without having eyeliner run everywhere,
Then our Eyeliner / lash line enhancement cosmetic tattoo treatment is a great option for you!
If you want to:
-Give your lips back some lost colour and definition
-Correct some asymmetry issues
-Bring abit of colour and glow to your lips and face
-Help your lips look slightly fuller and naturally coloured with just a pretty lipgloss layered over the top of them 
-Wake up looking fresh and healthy without ever having to apply makeup, but still with the option to be able to wear lipstick if you want-
Then our Lip Blush / Lip liner cosmetic tattoo treatment would be a great option for you! 
Brows are by far the most popular option so far for cosmetic tattoo, and we want to make it easier to have more treatments done- so we have heavily discounted all 3 when booked at the same time. Please see our Full PMU Package (Permanent Makeup Package, sometimes referred to as "Semi-Permanent" - as it does need touching up over the years to stay looking fresh) for a super cost effective way of having all your cosmetic tattoo needs met.
2/ Book your chosen type of consultation, or get in touch if you need to have a phone consultation. (Please note at this stage you are welcome to also book your first session to secure your time as these often have to be booked in advance. Just remember to cancel it if we find out a reason during your consult to not continue on with your service.)
This will give us time to discuss in person what your needs are and offer you an allergy patch test to check that you won't react to our numbing creams or inks. If you are coming from out of town, we can courier you the patch test supplies with instructions for a small courier fee of $10, so that you can test yourself. If you choose not to have a patch test, that is fine- we will just have it noted in your signed consultation form when you come in.
Upon booking, you will receive an online consultation form online to fill out. This is to save time by eliminating any reason why you can't have a cosmetic tattoo treatment. (Absolutes are pregnancy, breastfeeding, recent chemotherapy, acne medications and antibiotics. You will need to wait until you are finished or at least 6-12 months post medications before we can tattoo you. Please get in touch for more detailed info if there are other health concerns before proceeding with your booking).
At your consultation, or when you book your first session of cosmetic tattooing, we will take your deposit ($50) to secure you booking. Please see our cancellation policy for information regarding fees /deposits and cancellations.
3/ Book your first session 
You will come in for your first session! At this appointment we will go through an in-depth mapping session (for brows and lips) to make sure we give you the most thoroughly worked out shape that is perfectly suitable for your features and needs. Here we will consult fully, so you will see exactly what we are doing and we won't begin the tattoo until you are 100% happy with the pre-drawn shape we put on your face. You will have full input and say in how the finished shape will look. We will make you very comfortable and most people somehow end up dozing during their appointment - it is so nice in these busy times to be forced to lie down and relax for awhile! 
We will supply you with aftercare products and instructions, and before you leave we will book you in for your retouch session- the finishing session. This usually happens in 6-8 weeks time, and is where we put back any lost pigment and adjust our saturation levels if necessary. It is highly recommended to have your retouch appointment, even if you don't think its necessary. It will help in the long run to have a longer lasting cosmetic tattoo. 
Very occasionally, some people will need a 3rd retouch. This can be from skin types, to underlying conditions or medications, aftercare and lifestyle- it is important to be honest about any of this so that we can help you have a successful treatment. 
When you leave, it is super important to stick to the aftercare advice given to you.
This includes things like minimising excessive sweating, swimming, going out in the sun without protection for a week as they are healing. If you can't avoid sports or gymming for this time, we advise waiting until you can, or finding ways to do it without sweating. Otherwise- you may lose your pigment, and compromise your healing, which will mean you need more retouches, and more costly expense as we heed to remap any lost pigment that is completely gone. 
3/ Retouch time!
You will come in for your retouch, we will marvel at your new brows, and take photos. It will be important to follow the same aftercare as the first session. 
4/ Annual retouches
We will now only need to see you for your annual retouches (currently priced at $249) - for some people this is close to a year, for others it might be 2.5 years! It depends on how well your skin holds, how you look after them while they're healing and what your lifestyle involves. Of course, we do see some regular clients in-between for brow tidies and tints or other treatments - this is always nice! Just make sure to book in your annual retouch before your brows have faded out too far, so that we still have the shape to follow. If we have to remap them - it goes back to the initial cost. If in doubt- let us check them for you and we can advise when would be a good time to get them tattooed. 
This is the process- please reach out if you have any other initial questions that haven't been answered here 😊


Quick Consultation - Cosmetic Tattoo $0.00

Please note: This consult does not include talking to Dani (your cosmetic tattoo artist) or having your brows done in any way. If you are wanting a more in-depth consultation with a brow shape and drawing, please book the "Full Consultation" option.

This time saving consult is to supply you with a quick skin sensitivity test with our receptionist. She will apply some products to your skin, double check you have no contraindications to the treatment and book your first session with Dani should you choose to. At the time of booking your first tattoo session we require a $50 deposit that will secure your appointment time. This is non-refundable should you change your mind, cancel outside of the cancellation period or not show up to your appointment.


Full Consultation - Cosmetic Tattoo $40.00
This consult includes having your Brows shaped and drawn on by Dani or Casey (your cosmetic tattoo artist) to gain an idea of what we could achieve for your cosmetic tattoo. We will also supply you with your skin sensitivity / allergy test by placing small amounts of pigment and numbing cream on your skin. Please read our supplied info prior to booking your consultation to ensure full understanding surrounding your treatment is achieved. We cannot perform tattoos on anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, prone to keloid scarring, or on certain medications.


Ombre / Powderfill Brows $549
-The most common form of brow tattooing because of how it can be easily maintained over the long term, as opposed to hair strokes which can fade and blur, leaving behind a softer powdery look anyway. 


Brow Tattoo retouch - 4-8 weeks $100.00
-If it has been longer than 12 weeks, the fee goes up to $150.


Annual Retouch $249
Please book to have this before your brows have completely faded. If we need to remap them, you essentially have to start over at the original price of $549.


Lashline Enhancement
Upper or Lower (1hr) ... $299
Both (2.5hrs) ... $399
This subtle tattoo is placed directly on your lashline using super fine flat needles on machine. Results heal to show a lovely, thin line of darkness at the base of the lashes, defining the eyes and eyelashes without looking like eyeliner. 

Eyeliner (upper only) ... $349
For more of a makeup look, define those eyes with a solid eyeliner. We can tailor it to the thickness you want. Please note that at this stage we do not perform winged eyeliner tattoo. 

Optional retouch to be performed 6-10 weeks after your first session to complete the treatment. We recommend booking in advance to secure your time.

Retouch 6 - 8 weeks $50 

Retouch 8 - 12 weeks $100


Lipliner (2.5hrs) ...$399
Replace lost definition around the border of your lips.

Full lip colour/lip Blush (3.5hrs) ... $499
A popular choice for lips, this look contours the lips, giving back lost definition of the lip line and also fills in the lips with a soft "blush" of colour, designed to suit your skin and lip tone. This does NOT replace lipstick, but rather gives the lips a stunning, natural looking makeover.

Optional retouch to be performed 6-10 weeks after your first session to complete the treatment. We recommend booking in advance to secure your time.

Retouch 6 - 8 weeks $100