Facials & Massage


Our Relaxation Facials are designed not only to help your skin, but primarily for you to rest and unwind- all of our facials include aromatherapy oil infused hot towel treatments. Using high quality NZ made professional only brands we will adjust the products used to suit your individual skin type where necessary, but you won't need to worry about that- just lie down and let yourself go, we will let you know when it is over! For more specific facial treatments, see "TREATMENT FACIALS" further down.

Bella Vi Luxe Hydrating Facial (45min) ... $75
Enjoy a beautiful facial treatment using Bella Vi’s Italian made products, all delicious to smell and nourishing to the skin. Includes a smooth creamy face, neck and décolletage cleanse, gentle exfoliant using the Facial Peel with steam for deeper purifying, hydrating cream mask, scalp + shoulder or hand + arm massage- you choose! Finished off with the right moisturiser for your skin. 

Hayley Benseman Facial (45min) ... $75 
Experience the beautiful and locally made skincare products from Hayley Benseman- this facial treatment includes an Oil cleanse, hot towel treatment, massage, your choice of either a Pink Clay (problem skins) or Mineral Clay (dryer skins) mask and finished with Rosy Glow face cream.

Bliss Facial (30 min) ... $59
This simple facial provides your skin with a much needed cleanse, exfoliation, masque and finished with the right amount of moisture for your skin type. Includes a hand massage- a great little pick me up treatment!

Nourish Facial (45 min) ... $79
with plasma Serum Infusion ... $99
Includes a thorough face and decolletage cleanse, exfoliation, masque and moisture. Includes a hand and forearm massage.

Nimue Thermal Detox Peel (50 min) ... $119
An amazing, deep cleansing experience from Nimue. Suitable for most skin types, apart from highly sensitised / raw acne skins. 

Ultimate Facial (65 min) ... $99
with plasma Serum Infusion ... $119
An hour of pure bliss including a thorough face and decolletage cleanse, exfoliation, steam, a long luxurious face and decolletage massage (including the scalp), masque. Includes a hand and forearm massage. 

Ultimate + Package  (90 min) ... $129
For the most relaxing, calming and therapeutic experience- includes the Ultimate Facial and a relaxing beauty therapy back, neck and shoulder massage. 


Back / Neck / Shoulders (30min)... $45

Full Body Massage (55min) ... $80
Starting with the scalp, we get you in that gaga mood before moving onto your decolletage, shoulders neck. Incorporating massage for your hands, forearms, feet and lower legs- all those areas that need it! Finished with the back, neck and shoulders. To take you to the next level of relaxation, upgrade to our Full Body Deluxe you won't regret it!

Full Body Deluxe (90min) ... $99
Enjoy our Full Body massage with the added facial massage. This element is guaranteed to take you to the next level of relaxation- softening and stimulating your neck muscles as well as releasing tension in your jaw, eyes, temples and forehead- it is amazing what a facial massage can do! Facial wipes can be provided if you need to come with makeup on. 

Pregnancy massage - back (40min) ... $55 
Our therapists have been up skilled in pregnancy massage by Debbie Taplin, an incredibly skilled, long term experienced and highly qualified massage therapist. Enjoy a much needed massage (from 16 weeks onwards) knowing that you are in safe hands. 

Pregnancy massage - full body (1hour) ... $80
Our therapists have been up skilled in pregnancy massage by Debbie Taplin, an incredibly skilled, long term experienced and highly qualified massage therapist. Enjoy a much needed massage (from 16 weeks onwards) knowing that you are in safe hands.

We can customise to work on specific areas according to your needs. The full body works on the back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs. We lay you on your side / back, however you feel must comfortable.

Treatment Facials + Packages

These specialized facials are designed for you to see results and are even more effective when had in a course of regular treatments. We offer interest free payment plans in conjunction with OXIPAY and Q-Mastercard, so you can budget these effective facial plans into your lifestyle and start seeing your desired results TODAY! Book in for your free consultation to find out what the best course of action is for your individual skins needs. 

DERMAPLANE FACIAL (60 min) ... $80
Package deal - 6 treatments ... $400
(Purchase 5 and get 1 free, saving $80)
A facial treatment that gets rid of unwanted 'peach fuzz' hair and dead skin cells, minimizing fine lines, creating smooth looking skin and a youthful glow. Includes thorough cleanse, exfoliation, dermaplane treatment, soothing masque, serum and moisture. Perfect for anyone who wants to look immediately fresh and glowy or prior to a special occasion make-up. Recommended every few weeks to maintain  the effect, however it is not necessary to repeat it, so don't worry- your hairs won't grow back stubbly! (We know from experience!) 

SKIN BALANCING / ACNE Facial (75min) ... $119
Package deal - 6 treatments ... $595
(Purchase 5 treatments and get the 6th free, saving $119- for best results, we recommend also undertaking a complete at home skin regime, to keep the skin balanced and performing correctly. Upon consultation we will determine the best time between facials for your needs.)

Package Deal - 6 treatments ... $745
(Purchase a course of 4 monthly treatments and get a fifth free, saving $149)
This stimulating treatment improves skin firmness, texture, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation and overall appearance by increasing the production of collagen through tiny little micro wounds, made by our Mesotherapy machine. Specialized skin improving ingredients are carried deeper into the skin through this process, making them more effective, giving you both long term results through a series of treatments and immediate results from just one treatment. 

This facial gives a thorough deep cleanse, exfoliation catered to the severity of your skins acneic condition, steam to help open the pores and ease congestion- followed by a luxurious face and decolletage massage. We then target problem areas by performing extractions and finish this process with our specialized PLAMERE tool. This unique and new innovation allows us to kill bacteria, reducing inflammation and the likelihood of re-infecting. A soothing, healing mask is applied and the right amount of moisture to complete this effective facial.