"Fibroblast" also known as skin tightening, is a revolutionary new treatment that targets loose, saggy skin, giving you visible instant results that last! By using our specialised PLAMERE tool to create a reaction on the skin that "pulls", when applied in a specific pattern it draws the skin, firming and tightening it in the process. As the treated area heals over time, new skin is produced, improving the already good result even further. "Fibroblasts" are the parts of cells that are responsible for producing collagen, increasing elasticity and improving the quality of skin. What makes this treatment so amazing is that there is no surgery, no invasive products, a small period of healing time and the results speak for themselves. For more information on this treatment, please read the FAQ's listed at the bottom of this page.

Consultation ... FREE
During your consultation we will gather your health and medical information, discuss what your concerns are and create a plan of action for your future treatments.

Eyelid Lift ... $399
Good for saggy, hooded eyelids. During consultation we would quote how many sessions you would need for best results. Price is for the first session, additional sessions are half price.

Eyelid + Forehead lift ... $599
An added forehead lift above the eyebrows improves the lift of the eyelids- sometimes this is recommended treatment in order to give best results.

Under-eye bags / wrinkles ... $399
Helps improve tired looking eyes

Crows feet ... $399-$499
Price will vary depending on the amount of lines to be treated- for minimal lines, $499, moderate lines $699, heavy lines $899

Lip lines / wrinkles ... $199-$399
Price will vary depending on the amount of lines to be treated-for minimal lines, $499, moderate lines $699, heavy lines $899

Frown lines ... $299
Decreases those grumpy looking indentations!

Forehead lines ... $699
Price will vary depending on the amount of lines to be treated-for minimal lines, $799, moderate lines $899, heavy lines $999

Nasal Labial folds ... $599
Price will vary depending on the area needing to be treated, which will be determined during your consultation.

Neck ... $999
The neck is a great place to see amazing results. Treated from underneath the chin to the base of the neck, loose saggy skin is tightened right up, reducing wrinkles and improving the overall appearance.

Skin tag / Mole Removal ... $89 - $119
Price is per lesion. For multiple skin tags, price will be quoted during consultation. Please note, only certain lesions / moles should / may be treated, and 100% clearance from your doctor is required before we can even consider it.

Stomach ... P.O.A
Stretched, saggy skin from weight loss or carrying babies - price will vary based on the surface area to be treated. Please enquire using the contact form for more information.


Does it hurt? We use specialised topical anaesthetic cream to numb the area before we treat it. Obviously, everyone will feel things differently, but the feeling you would generally notice is that of heat, or like an annoying insect bite with each dot placement. Once the procedure is over and the bodies natural feeling starts to come back, you can expect to feel heat in the ears that has been treated. This subsides over a few hours, we also give you soothing after care gel and healing cream to apply. 

How long does it take? Not extremely long, but it depends on the size of the area to be treated. On average you can be in session for anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple of hours, more if a larger area like the stomach.

Is there any downtime afterwards? What is the healing period like? Depends on the area that has been treated. For eyelids, we suggest being prepared for your eyes to be quite swollen for at least 2 days afterwards. This varies from person to person- my personal experience was swelling for 4 days! This is a natural response to injury and should not alarm you, rather it is doing what it is supposed to in order to help your body to heal. The small dots that are left soon scab over and will fall off after 4-7 days- it is important to leave these to come away naturally so as to minimise the risk of any scarring. So, while there is no medical reason why you would need to stay hidden away after your treatment, you might be uncomfortable showing yourself in public freshly fibro'd.....

How long do the results last? This varies depending on your after care, skin type, lifestyle factors- effectively, new skin has now formed where old skin once was, and a wrinkle that was once there has been pulled apart- levelling out the crevice that used to be there- so, while results should last until your skin ages enough to see visible deterioration again, it just depends on how much sun exposure you get, how well it is looked after, genetics- not only that, but repetitive muscle movements in the same area are always going to create indentations in the skin- skin tightening does not work on the muscles underneath, only the surface skin ontop. It is important to recognise the difference here. We recommend a good skincare regime and very careful skin protection from the sun- in NZ, we aren't so lucky with our strong UV rays beating down on us constantly!

What if I'm not happy with my results? Before we perform your treatment, we have a consultation where we can assess your "problem" area and recommend the best course of action for you. Sometimes, we may recommend multiple treatments, not just one. Skin tightening works best on saggy, loose skin, and sometimes more than one session is definitely going to be needed for best results. We are confident that EVERYONE will experience an improvement with just one treatment, however, in the case where we would recommend at least 2, at Foxy Lady the 2nd and any following sessions will only be charged at HALF price.

Can I pay it off? Yes! We have Oxipay, Q-mastercard, Farmers Card aswell as regular credit card facilities available. Oxipay and Q-mastercard are both interest free with up to a years' interest free repayments. Read more about this under our services menu, in 'Finance Options'.

What are the risks involved? As there are no physical products used for this treatment, there is nothing that can possibly react allergy wise- we do perform allergy tests for the numbing cream, of course. Infection while healing is something to avoid, so it is super important that you follow the aftercare instructions using ONLY the products we provide for you, for best results. We cannot be held responsible for post procedure infections and we have strict health and safety / hygiene protocol standards in salon to follow to ensure everybody's safety.

Will I scar? If you follow the recommended aftercare strictly, you shouldn't scar at all.

What machine do you use? Is it a Plaxpot? What is the difference? The machine we use is called the PLAMERE. The Plamere is the little sister to the Plaxpot, and is made by the same company. Plaxpot is a medical grade machine, whereas the Plamere is specially designed for Aestheticians / Beauty Therapists / Beauticians. It isn't quite as powerful, and the reaction created at the head of the machine for the actual fibro procedure is generated by an "electrical" arc, as opposed to "plasma" arc, like the Plaxpot. While the science behind it probably doesn't matter so much to you, the main difference is in the power of the machines and the fact that as 'Beauty' Specialists, not doctors, we are now able to bring this incredible treatment to our clients at an affordable price, in comfortable surroundings. There are always risks with any treatment, regardless of what machine is used- but you can be reassured that we have had international level training with recognised certification, by the same company that distributes these highly reputable machines here. I can also say from EXPERIENCE that I have and would have again, my own personal fibroblast treatments performed with our Plamere machine and I am over the moon with my results.

What else do I need to know? If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us a message or give us a call- or book in for a free consultation where we will cover everything in person.