IPL Hair Removal

IPL - or Intense Pulse Light - therapy is an amazing treatment that uses light to treat the skin for unwanted body hair, pigmentation and sun damage, red veins and even wrinkles! As a treatment for unwanted hair, the best results are on darker hairs, but due to the technology of the machine we have, we are now able to treat lighter hairs aswell- please ask about this if it is something you are needing! To add onto that, we also have a specialised attachment that means we can treat large areas at a time much faster, enabling us to keep the cost lower. We repeatedly have clients telling us how much more gentle and less "painful" our IPL is, which is also a bonus!

We require a consultation to determine if IPL is the best course of action for you. Generally, we may be able to perform the first session at your paid consultation, but we use this time to check your natural hair growth and find out other factors that will help us lay out the best plan for your individual needs. 

You may need several sessions to see a huge reduction in unwanted hair growth, this could be anything up to 12, or as little as 6! In a lot of clients, we see incredibly mentionable results in as little as 1-2 sessions- it varies, but we truly back our services! 

IPL is amazing if you're already regularly waxing, just imagine if in 6-12 months time you hardly had any growth at all and only needed to come in once per year for a maintenance appointment? 


IPL will give you less hair growth, more permanently, long term. To keep up the results of your waxing, you will need to maintain regular wax appointments every 4-6 weeks, forever- due to the nature of how hair grows and functions with its cycles. With IPL, we will gradually deaden the hairs root over time, meaning what hair does grow back, grows back slower and smaller, until it eventually gives up altogether. This is how you can end up with no unwanted hair, or very little regular (As in annual or bi-annual) maintenance appointments. 


Please note: These prices apply to dark hair treatments. To give you an idea, for facial areas, it is basically an extra $10 per area, onto of the IPL treatment cost, to treat white hairs. For the body, such as legs or arms, it is more. We would be happy to discuss this with you during a consultation.

IPL Free Consultation - 15 minutes with any other booking

IPL Consultation $40 (Needs to be booked before your first session, the $40 acts as a deposit and comes off your first session)

FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL: (these prices are divided up into specific areas so we can customise your treatment into the amount of surface area we cover.

Upper Lip $40, white hair $50

Lip & Chin $65-90

Chin $45

Cheeks $20

Ears $30

Front or Back of Neck $80

Extended Chin $65

Full Face $180

Side Burns $45



Bikini Line $65

Bikini Extended $79

Brazilian $90

Buttocks $90

Knees $65

Legs Full $300

Legs Lower Full $150

Legs Upper Full $150

Upper Foot & Toes $50

Chest $130

Chest & Stomach $200

Tummy Line $55

Stomach $120

Around the nipple area $45

Full Back $220

Back Half $150

Shoulders $90

Full Arms $170

Lower Arms $100

Hands (Top & Fingers) $50

Underarms $55

Hairline $45


Skin Rejuvenation facial $150 - this facial covers anything you wish to tackle pigmentation, red vein and anti-aging wise. We suggest a course of at least 6 treatments for optimal results, and recommend going on a personally customised skincare regime to support your efforts in gaining the results you want. We will not perform facial IPL unless you are committed to wearing a professional facial sunscreen everyday- otherwise the risk of creating more sun damage is heightened.