Nails / Pedicure

Natural Nail Services

*Please note- our prices on nail art vary, and you will need to book nail art as an extra add on to allow time for it during your appointment, otherwise we may not be able to do it. 

Mini Mani ... $45

nails shaped, cuticles work and polished

Gel Mani ... $60
Gel polish is touch ready when leaving the salon, and lasts 3 times longer than regular nail polish. It is recommended to have 2/3weekly regular appointments. Even better, upgrade to a Builder Gel Overlay nail treatment to keep your gel polish intact and nails stronger, for longer. 

Gel Removal with Re-application ... $70

Gel Removal ...$30
Removal of old product, cuticle work and oil applied..

Strengthening Gel Layer ... $15

IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment
This specialist only course works to strengthen, repair and grow natural nails. Add to any nail treatment  How often and how many layers needed are dependent on each individual clients needs.
... $5 per layer, up to 3 layers.

Nail art: POA 

We have glitter and foil (from $1.50 per nail), chrome ($20 for a full set), to hand painted nail designs (from $3 and up per nail). Please enquire first if you are wanting specific nail art, to make sure we have enough time. 


Builder Gel Overlay Manicure 

Adds a sculpted layer of builder gel ontop of your natural nails with no extensions- our most popular ongoing nail service! Often getting extensions will lead to just having this overlay as it keeps your natural nails protected and shaped just like if they had extensions on. It also keep gel polish intact for longer, so if you experience early chipping due to having busy hands or bendy, thin nails, this is the best option for you. You can also opt to have a simple "strengthening layer" applied underneath your gel polish, as a starting point. 

Full removal ... $55

New Set: Short - Medium (1hr 15min) ... $80

Rebalance: Short - Medium (1hr 15min) ... $85

New Set: Medium - Long (1hr 30min) ... $90

Rebalance: Medium - Long (1hr 30min) ... $95

Gel Tip Extensions: - (1hr 30min)... $90


Pretty Pedicure (50mins) ... $55
Hot towel treatment, nails trimmed, cuticle work and your choice of tradition polish/gel polish ($65 with existing polish removal)

MediHeel Treatment (50mins) ... $60
+ Pretty Pedicure (75mins total) ... $99
A specialised treatment that removes dry, cracked skin from your feet without excessive buffing or filing! Includes foot soak, MediHeel treatment, nails trimmed, feet hydrator and finished with Gold Spritz spray

**Please note: Any contraindication to any manicure or pedicure treatments (including but not limited to) suspected or confirmed evidence of fungal or bacterial infections will not be treated until they have been taken care of or confirmed non-detrimental to yours and others health and safety. We cannot diagnose specific conditions medically but can recommend the best course of action which will usually include going to see your GP. We want the best for our clients and will do what it takes to ensure we do not make things worse for you, or put others at risk of exposure. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

Gel Polish / Soak off / removal add on ... $10

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