Ear Lobe 

Single $25

Pair $45

Cartilage Ear

Single $45

Double $75

(Includes the following areas: Industrial (book as double), Helix and forward Helix, Rook, Flat, Snug, Daith, Conch, Tragus and Anti- Tragus)

Eyebrow  $50


Single $45

Double $75

Labret $45 each

(includes the following areas: Madonna, Medusa, Monroe, Side Labret and Labret)

Belly Button $45

Nose $45

Piercings are done 16 years and older anyone under the age will need to bring in a parent/guardian to sign a waiver. 

We do children's ears please let us know if you want two piercers to do it at once so we can make sure to block the time. We do require pre payment for this to be booked.