We are professionally trained ear and body piercers. Find need to know information here and book your piercings online through our booking link that leads to FRESHA (our online booking platform). 

We do not offer eyebrow or tongue piercings. 


Ear Lobes  

Pierced with Studex prepackaged studs in silver or gold, with 2 or 3 mm cubic zirconia studs. We also have plain brushed steel look studs, popular for boys.  Please read the "important info" at the bottom of this page.

 Children's Ear Piercing (5-12 year olds)

    - Single $30

    -  Pair $45


Ear Lobes

    - Single lobe $30

    - Pair $ 50 


Cartilage Ear

Includes the following areas: Industrial (book as double), Helix and forward Helix, Rook, Flat, Snug, Daith, Conch, Tragus and Anti-Tragus

   - Single $50

   - Double $80 
(Please note, an industrial piercing is considered a double and it will only work on certain ear shapes)



   - Single  $50

   - Double  $80

Please note that at this time we do not offer septum piercings.


Lip / Labret 

   - Single  $50 

   - Double  $80

(includes the following areas: Madonna, Medusa, Monroe, Side Labret and Labret)



   - Single $60

   - Double $80


Belly Button 

   - Individual  $60

   - Friends deal (each)  $50
We know how much better it feels to have it done with a friend, so book with mates and get a discount! 


Dermal Piercings - please enquire 

Jewellery Change with Jewellery purchase  - Free

Jewellery Change without purchase  - $10

No-Pull Disc application  - From $25
(See below for more info on these)




Piercings are suitable for people over the age of 16. Customers under 16 years old will need an authorised legal guardian to accompany them and they will be required to sign a waiver on behalf of. 

We do ear piercing on children over 5 years of age- please let us know if you require two piercers to do it at once as we will need to find suitable availability for this booking. Children's ear piercing must be pre-paid and is non refundable. We do offer kids a lollie so please let us know if this isn't appropriate!


Needles vs "Gun":

We use the push through system (otherwise known as the "gun"- minus the big hand held device!) from Studex for lobe piercings only. For every other piercing, we use needles. This allows for a clean wound and is the preferred method.


Lumps / Bumps 

We know that cartilage piercings can be prone to getting bumps that grow bigger and bigger, particularly when they're knocked accidentally. This is hypertrophic scarring and can be taken care of by wearing a NO-PULL Piercing disc- a small, silicone disc specially made to fit between the jewellery and the skin where unsightly bumps appear. You wear this until the bump has gone away and is like new again- feedback shows us that we can see a positive change within days! You can purchase these from us instore, and we can also help you put them on. Book the service online in Fresha under our piercing category. Truly a game changer!


Bringing your own jewellery

We do not pierce with other peoples jewellery. Feel free to bring it, but we will use our own sterilised equipment always, and there is no discounted rate for not using our jewellery. We advise waiting until your piercing has healed completely before changing it out. It will be worth the wait!


Multiple piercings / Booking doubles

Please note that booking doubles is for more than one piercing on the same person. It is not for 2 x people to have one piercing each. 

While you can have multiple piercings in one session, we will consult with you to form the best plan of action that will suit your lifestyle and needs, in order to get the best outcome long term. No more than 2 piercings in one ear is recommended at the same appt, as the area will swell. The aim is to keep it manageable.



We use surgical stainless steel jewellery for our initial piercings. We have a range of decorative jewellery in store for sale and in some cases, those pieces can be used for a select few piercings. Please enquire within.

The decorative pieces we buy are in demand so we only carry a few of each at a time- please ask in advance if there is something specific you are after.



We will provide you with a detailed aftercare sheet and explain the best way to take care of your piercing. In preparation for your piercing, we recommend avoiding swimming, excessive physical activity that will cause sweating and movement of the piercing, to ensure rapid healing and minimal complications. 



It can take months for your piercings to heal. Everyone is different - but it is always best to leave changing your jewellery until it is FULLY healed. Keep in mind that things like rubbing your ears on your pillow in bed will aggravate, as well as continually touching them and twisting / moving the jewellery. 

We recommend a daily gentle saline bath (1/4 teaspoon of salt to 1 cup warm boiled water ratio - no more!) to help keep the piercing clean without stripping the skin and dehydrating it. Pour it into a shot glass (or similar) and hold it up against your ear or affected area to allow the solution to surround the jewellery and pierced hole for 10-20 seconds or so. Dab dry with a clean tissue and avoid touching. 

We sell Studex aftercare solution- this is $7.99 and is a good basic solution that helps to eliminate only the bad bacteria, leaving the good healthy stuff intact. It is brilliant when used correctly. Using this in conjunction with saline baths is our recommended course of action.

Using straight tea tree oil or other methods *can* be too harsh. However, we recommend following your piercers advice. 


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.