Spray Tanning

Moroccan Tan

We have our regular spray tan solution (6 + hours before showering) and an accelerated solution (1-3 hours before showing for those who don't have much time). Half body means either your top half waist up or bottom half waist down.

For best results, exfoliate your body, especially dry areas like knees, elbows and ankles, in the week leading up to your tan, and moisturise a lot to get really hydrated in advance. This will help your tan to last and look smooth and even. On the day of your tan, do not exfoliate or moisturise, and if you can shower as late as possible before it you will benefit from clean skin. Don't apply deodorant directly before it either. We will provide you with detailed aftercare to help your tan last!

Tips: Bring loose, dark clothing to wear afterwards- bras are not your tans friend! Take off jewellery and have you hair tied back. We will provide you with a disposable g-string, although you can choose to wear your own swim suit if you would be more comfortable. Topless or not, is up to you- so don't stress! 


Full Body ... $60

Half Body ... $40


Full Body ... $70

Half Body ... $48

Concession Card (6) ... $300

Tan Extender Lotion ... $40

Use on it's own or in conjunction with your spray tan to maintain a nice, glowing skin- perfect for taking away on holiday when you know you want that tan to last!

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