Hayley Benseman Ayurvedic Stainless Steel Tongue Scrap

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Some of you may have noticed that white film on the top of your tongue when you wake up?

Maybe this is the cause of unwanted bad breath…makes sense doesn’t it?
Scraping the tongue first thing each morning is proven to be the most efficient way to remove the bacteria that collects on top of the tongue each night.
This not only freshens your breath but also rids these toxins before they are reabsorbed back into the system.

Made with quality stainless steel which will not absorb any toxins.
The tongue scraper is easy to clean and comes in a handy reusable burlap pouch which is washable and great for travelling.


Hold the two ends in both hands. Extend the tongue and place the tongue cleaner on the surface of the tongue, as far back as is comfortable.
Gently pull the tongue cleaner forward so that it removes the unwanted coating. Rinse the tongue cleaner and repeat as necessary, usually 7-14 times.
Don’t feel you need to apply too much pressure if you are feeling pain you are pressing too hard.
Do not use on open wounds/ulcers on the tongue.